Hello, I am George.

I am a photographer specializing in weddings, fashion, e-commerce, real estate, and events, my lens dances between the realms of love, style, commerce, and celebration. However, it's the world of weddings that truly steals my heart.

With a discreet and unobtrusive approach, I strive to immortalize your love story with a touch of timeless elegance. My signature style involves crafting airy and bright compositions, transforming posed moments into visual poetry. While I appreciate the artistry of staged shots, I equally revel in the beauty of candid captures, weaving a narrative that unfolds naturally, reflecting the genuine emotions of your special day. I always encourage couples to be relaxed and act naturally, so I can capture authentic expressions and feelings. This way, looking back at the pictures you can get emerged in the feelings again and relive this day.

With Love